Ultimate training solution for retail businesses. Onboarding, training and upskilling staff remotely with no hassle!

Reduce Costs, Upskill Your Team and Increase Sales

Reduce Your Training Costs

Onboarding and training staff doesn't require plenty of travel, face to face meetings and organising teams to get together. All of your training is done by Lexivist on mobile to save fuel costs, travel time and plenty of organisation effort.

Upskill Your Team

Training with Lexivist allows staff to enjoy learning with gamification, digest the topics with bit sized sessions and engraves topics with repetition. That's why our customers experiences lower turnover and more efficient sales operation.

Increase Sales

Lexivist's gamification features increase competitiveness and teamwork across the board. Alongside with more sales and customer services skills in hand, retail teams start generating more sales.

4 Steps of Retail Training

Training field staff and keeping them up to date is easier with Lexivist's 4 steps

Identify & Setup

Get going with our extensive retailer training contents. Then identify your particular learning objectives and build up a sequential info and quiz packs for your retail staff

Share & Engage

Share the app with your field staff and let them access the microlearning courses anytime, anywhere.​ Send reminders, feedback and rewards to motivate them and reinforce their learning.​

Track & Develop

Track the progress and performance of your staff and support development of them with different modes like duel and arena.

Update & Refresh​

Update and refresh your content as needed using the asset management and translation features of the app. Keep your learners engaged with new and relevant information.​

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Amazing Stats

Here are some stats from happy users of Lexivist

Sales Shifts Saved


Employee Satisfaction


More Sales

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Pre-Built Retail Training Content

Lexivist is loaded with pre-built retail training content so you can start upskilling from day 1!
Introduction to Retail Sales

  • Knowing your stuff

  • Approach & Greeting

  • Make Them Ask

  • Understanding Their Need

  • Handling Objections

  • Closing Sale

  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Visual Merchandising Training

  • Importance of Visual Appeal

  • Introduction to Store Layouts

  • Exterior Signs and Window Displays

  • In-Store design and appeal

  • Store zones and their uses

  • Maintenance of Store Design

Customers Service Training

  • Importance of Customer Service

  • Keys to Customer Satisfaction

  • Understanding Customer Needs

  • Dealing with Customer Complaints

  • Stress Management

  • Teamwork and Customer Service

Building Your Retail Career

  • Importance of Entry Level Retail Staff

  • Advancement Pathways

  • Foundational Roles

  • Varied Career Routes

  • Challenges and Rewards

  • Developmental Insights


At Lexivist, we're proud to have transformed the way people learn. Don't just take our word for it, hear from our amazing users themselves! Here are some inspiring testimonials that showcase the impact of microlearning in their lives.


Due to the size of the sector and the diversity of brands, the idea of creating continuous interaction in order to be permanent in the minds of the technicians is the biggest benefits of this platform for our business. Ultimately, the product gives sanofi time (it allows you to digitally do many of the things you're trying to do physically) and engagement.

Musa Elis / Sanofi - Channel Activation Manager Turkey Consumer Healthcare
Simple and Useful!

We get very useful and efficient results with features such as being our own personalized application, easy user login, being able to send notifications directly, announcing announcements within the application, and being able to take special quizzes for groups.

Nur Sayginar/TPI - Learning & Development Specialist
Life Safer

Lexivist has really changed the way we approach learning. As a company with busy and demanding schedules, it was often difficult to find dedicated time for training and development. However, Lexivist has made learning on the go incredibly easy and fun for my team. Its user-friendly interface, small modules and interactive quizzes have turned learning into a fun and engaging experience.

Dave Collins - Bluebird Holdings

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Lexivist's Elixirs for You

Lexivist exists to create a unique learning experience for its users with its strongly designed gamification mechanics. In this way, your team's training and improvement processes are supported and their business dominance is increased.

White Label

You can customize your application with your own brand and make it suitable for your corporate identity. The logo, colors, fonts and design of your application are up to your choice. ​

Reward Structure

You can offer various rewards to your students in your application and increase their motivation. Rewards can be points, badges, certificates or real-life gifts. ​


You can set specific goals for your students in your application and track their progress. Goals can be based on learning outcomes or performance indicators. ​


You can give challenging and fun tasks to your students in your application and create a competitive environment. Tasks can be knowledge tests, scenario-based questions or creative projects.

Workflows (Journey)

You can offer micro courses on different topics and levels to your students in your application and allow them to create their own learning journeys. Micro courses are short and focused content that can be completed in 3 to 7 minutes. ​


You can create a leaderboard in your application that shows the scores or rankings of your students and compare them with each other. The leaderboard creates a healthy competition environment among the students and increases their performance. ​


You can send alerts to your students in your application that inform them of important information or reminders and attract their attention. Alerts can be presented within the application, via email, SMS or push notification. ​

Question Types

You can offer different question types to your students in your application and test their knowledge or skills in various ways. Question types can be multiple choice, true-false, matching, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, short answer or long answer. ​

Unique Experience of Lexivist

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