Lexivist is a product that creates an effective and interactive learning environment using different gamification dynamics combined with microlearning methods. By doing so, it enables users to have a productive and efficient learning experience. This product is designed to be an effective solution for individuals who are looking for ways to improve their skills or learn something new.


With Lexivist's more than 5 different question types, you can support the learning process in the way you need it and with materials. Here are some uniq Lexivist question types;


Along with the duel and arena modes, you can support the development processes by creating competitive modes between your teams. Here are mods of Lexivist creatıng a competıtıon between its users;


With Lexivist's basic customizable interface and various gamification dynamics, you can increase your efficiency in all learning processes. Here are Lexivist's gamified interfaces;


With its adventure and story modes, Lexivist takes its users on different journeys and increases their commitment to the application and training processes.Here are some Lexivist journey interfaces;

Discover Lexivist to build your learning culture!

Lexivist provides users with a fun and engaging way to learn new information. It uses different gamification techniques to create a sense of competition and achievement among users, encouraging them to continue learning. The product is designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and learn at their own pace.