This Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy includes the terms of utilization of the services provided in the application named LEX, of which İNOOSTER BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş (Hereinafter also “INOOSTER”) is the developer and owner, and the terms and conditions of use and the Storage of Personal Data. INOOSTER and users will be deemed to have reached a full agreement on the following terms, once the users log in or start using the above-mentioned application.


This Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy (Hereinafter briefly referred to as “Agreement”), is concluded between İNOOSTER BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş. and its Users (Hereinafter briefly referred to as ”User” will be referred to as) . The application named LEX is brought into use on the condition that its Users accept the terms of this Agreement.



E-mail: support@inooster.com


This Agreement regulates the terms of using the services offered in the application, all developments and changes in the application that may be made by INOOSTER, the rules that the Users are subject to while using the application, and the rights and obligations of the parties


3.1  INOOSTER shall not make any commitment that the content in the application in question will meet the expectations of the Users, will be useful to the Users and/or will contain correct information. Herewith, INOOSTER shall not assume any responsibility for any adverse condition that may occur, arise or indirectly affect due to the application. The User shall absolutely accept this situation

3.2  INOOSTER is the exclusive right holder of LEX. All kinds of organization, usage and disposal authority on this application belongs to INOOSTER and INOOSTER may unilaterally amend the content and terms of use of the application and its extensions, including the terms of the agreement, without the need to any prior notice.

3.3  All kinds of intellectual and industrial property rights of LEX, including but not limited to text, articles, photographs, pictures, documents, animations, videos and all products belong exclusively to INOOSTER and/or to the relevant persons permitted by INOOSTER. All these products and contents shall not be used without the written consent of INOOSTER. Copying, reproduction, uninformed and unauthorized use and distribution of these products and contents for any purpose are prohibited. In addition, photographs, video images, animations, texts and other written and visual materials published in the application shall not be published, copied, reproduced or distributed in any other mobile application and/or other media, and no additions, deletions or any other changes shall be made to its content, either partially or completely, by any technological method, without receiving permission from INOOSTER. Regarding the aforementioned rights, the User shall not go beyond the permitted scope and use contrary to the legislation and morality under no circumstances.

3.4  In the application named LEX, the links given to other websites and/or applications are only for the purpose of providing reference to the Users, and INOOSTER has no association with the content offered on the relevant websites and/or applications. The User shall accept and undertake that by accessing the relevant websites and/or applications via these links, he/she will leave the legal liability domain of INOOSTER and will not stake any claim against INOOSTER due to the damage that may be incurred by clicking these links and accessing any website and/or application.

3.5  INOOSTER is entitled to make any amendments to this Agreement and the application named LEX at any time when it deems necessary. Said amendments shall become effective immediately on the date the amended agreement is put into effect. Continued access to the application or the continued use of the application by the User shall mean that the User have absolutely accepted the amended Agreement.

3.6  INOOSTER shall take all kinds of technological measures taken by similar organizations in order to prevent any data uploaded by the User to the LEX application from being seized by malicious third parties. However, INOOSTER shall not be held responsible for the seizure of data uploaded to the site by malicious third parties, despite all the necessary precautions taken. In this case, the User shall hereby accept and undertake that he/she will not stake a claim against INOOSTER

3.7  INOOSTER has the right to immediately terminate this User Agreement at any time without any prior notice and without any justification. The User irrevocably accepts and declares that INOOSTER has this termination right.


4.1  Once the User clicks the “I accept” button in the relevant agreements included in the application, these agreements enter into force indefinitely between the parties and when the User is deemed to have accepted the terms of the agreement, all statements made by the company regarding the use, Usership and services within the application and that he/she will act in accordance with these statements.

4.2  INOOSTER shall have the right to immediately terminate the User Agreement and take legal action, in the event that the User exhibits a behavior or act, including but not limited to the ones stated as an example, against the current legislation or public morality and good manners, and disturbing the society or other Users during the use of the LEX application. In this case, the User shall claim any compensation, and further to that, the User accepts that INOOSTER has the right to remove and delete any information that the User has uploaded to the LEX application and that it has no obligation to return this data.

4.3  The User shall be deemed to have accepted the terms in this Agreement by accepting this Agreement and starting to utilize the services provided in the LEX application. The User shall not thereafter claim that these rules are unexpected or unacceptable.

4.4  The User acknowledges and undertakes that the content, services and copyrights offered by INOOSTER in the application belong to INOOSTER, and that he/she shall not reproduce, distribute, publish or market these services without permission in any way.

4.5  The User acknowledges and undertakes that he/she assumes all responsibility and risk arising from the use of LEX.

4.6  The User acknowledges, declares and undertakes;

  • not to use the services in any other way, such as decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering, copying, transferring or otherwise, except as permitted by this Agreement,
  • not to include materials or elements that promote, provide or relate to information about illegal activities, or promote physical harm to any person or group,
  • not to provide or promote the transmission of any element that may infringe the intellectual property or other rights of third parties, including any trademark, copyright, patent or publicity right,

5.1  The copyright of all kinds of questions, shared answers, services and software in this application belongs to INOOSTER itself and/or to those displayed next to them. Users shall not reproduce and distribute them by any means without the prior written consent of INOOSTER


INOOSTER may terminate the User’s right to benefit from the free version of the application at any time, immediately and unilaterally, without the need for any further warning or notification.

  1. COSTS

The User agrees to pay all applicable fees on the due date and in the manner specified at the time of your subscription to the application. Users failure to pay the applicable fees will result in the immediate termination of LEX.


8.1  The user accepts that INOOSTER do not warrant that LEX will be completely free of defects, erros and bugs.

8.2  INOOSTER also make no warranty that LEX is completely secure.


9.1  INOOSTER is aware of the fact that it is very important for the Users to use all the information they have transferred to LEX regarding their personalities with a special sensitivity. Thus, INOOSTER is committed to complying with all relevant data protection legislation. INOOSTER shall not give information about users especially to unauthorized third parties or notify third parties about it

9.2  INOOSTER shall take all kinds of precautions taken by similar businesses and to the best of its ability to protect any data delivered to it by Users. Despite all these measures, the User acknowledges and undertakes that he/she shall not claim any compensation from INOOSTER in case the data is seized by malicious persons.

9.3  The User acknowledges and declares that he/she expressly consents to the processing of his/her personal data such as name, surname, e-mail address, time zone, telephone number (“Personal Data/s”) that he/she has shared with the data controller INOOSTER by approving the User Agreement while becoming the User of the Application and during his/her movements within the website and/or the application after the Usership within the framework of the Protection of Personal Data and to be transferred to third parties and abroad.

9.4  The processing and transfer of Personal Data to third parties and abroad is based on the legal relationship established between the User and INOOSTER. Personal Data may be processed by INOOSTER and its affiliates and business partners with whom LEX and its affiliates have a contractual relationship within the scope of this contractual relationship, for marketing, analysis, and statistics purposes or transferred to third parties and abroad or used by anonymization.


10.1        If any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid, canceled or otherwise become unenforceable, the validity of the other provisions of the Agreement shall not be affected thereby. The parties agree that the abolished provision shall be deemed to have been replaced by a provision that will not be eliminated due to invalidity or annultability and that will result in the closest economically to the abolished provision.

10.2        This Agreement shall be interpreted and implemented in accordance with the laws of Republic of Turkey. For settling the disputes that may arise from interpretation and implementation of hereby Agreement, ISTANBUL Courts and Executive Offices will be authorized.


The addresses of the parties stated in the preliminary part of this Agreement and the Users have specified while registering are the addresses of legal notifications and unless the address changes are notified to the other party in writing, the notices made to these existing addresses shall be deemed valid.