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Selfcare Academy is a Lexivist application designed for pharmacist users. This application enables the measurement of pharmacists' knowledge through tests, while also supporting their development with various content to enhance their medical awareness.

With approximately 180 users, Selfcare Academy aims to encourage users to participate in these tests and compete with each other for leadership whenever they find time during the day.

This allows the brand to have more informed users about its products and content, and aims to deliver information to end-users more accurately and effectively.

Through Selfcare Academy, it has been observed that pharmacist employees are informed about job-related knowledge and situations they may encounter in their daily lives. With an average of 142 quiz questions answered per day, users have answered a total of 16,185 questions so far.


TPI Composite

The Human Resources Directorate of TPI Kompozit Turkey aimed to make the orientation process for new employees more enjoyable and efficient. For this purpose, they requested a platform that would provide access to all kinds of information and modular training content, while also ensuring sustainable tracking and monitoring.

The TPI Hero application, built on the Lexivist platform, was designed with various gamification mechanics such as knowledge quizzes, quizzes, and leaderboards to make the orientation process for new employees more efficient and enjoyable, as well as to measure the knowledge level of existing employees.

Over a period of 6 months, more than 700 individuals used the application, spending over 200 hours on the platform.


GSM Company

The Human Resources Department of our client, one of Turkey's largest GSM companies, is utilizing a platform developed on the Lexivist infrastructure to create a more enjoyable and competitive environment for newly hired call center employees during their orientation process. The platform incorporates media-rich questions to add fun to the process and successfully fosters friendly competition through duels.

Furthermore, the platform supports the development process of all employees by ensuring that existing employees can refresh and enhance their knowledge. This is achieved through a tracking system and assigned mentorships, which help keep employees' skills up to date.